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Our story

Over these past three years, we have seen that the most important scientific breakthroughs can be limited in their impact, or worse, cause confusion and indirect harm, if they are not communicated appropriately. As professionals tackling local and global challenges, we realized that we needed to be more versatile in our methods of communicating. Equipped with science communications training and experiences across private, public, and non-profit spaces, we are here to help you communicate more efficiently.

Helping bridge our science to society

Prativa and Jasmine attended a scientific talk together on the evolution of antimicrobial resistance. They left an hour later, scratching their heads. Each had been embarrassed to have not understood the charts, the tables and the specific microbiology and cellular markers; it was not until they debriefed together that they realized perhaps the audience was not to blame. Despite being researchers themselves, the only clear message from the presentation was that antimicrobial resistance was bad - the rest of the hour had been filled with technicalities and scientific jargon. 


It is too easy to forget that people we talk to have not spent years playing detective in a specific subset of a scientific field. Similarly, a scientist may not understand the nuances of other careers - say theatre or law. It is a double edge sword -, the abbreviations, terminology and assumptions which make communication within our disciplines easier also make communication with disciplines outside our field harder.


As seen with the COVID pandemic, this becomes a rapid problem during crises, where the science evolves, and evolves quickly - and our understanding and the communication of this evolution must follow suit - and adapt  - across other disciplines certainly, but also outwards, to the public and external stakeholders.

Our initiative comes from our frustration in seeing the siloed disciplines within science, and more broadly with the scientific community as a whole. Science will evolve and change - and we’ll be here helping each other and our academic peers communicate their work more effectively. In doing so, we hope to make science more accessible, and more digestible and useful to our society. 


We are on a mission to change how the world views science - and increase trust in the scientific process. Come join us!

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